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  • Model DPU  - Milk Collection Systems

    Model DPU - Milk Collection Systems

    While the entire milk management cycle, from collection at villages and bulk centers to complex data control at dairy plants, needs to be acquainted with new age automation solutions, it is smarter step to embrace the latest technology with a natural alternative to power. Everest makes use of its technological excellence and a decade of experience to create DPU based Milk Collection Systems that can be run with solar power and hence, be a boon to the...

  • Fatscan  - Model 5005 P/T - Milk Analyzer

    Fatscan - Model 5005 P/T - Milk Analyzer

    fatscan is a hand held Milk Analyzer for simple use at the Dairy Farms/Dairies/Milk Collection Centres. It provides fast and accurate determination of the Fat & SNF contents in raw milk. The measurement principle is related from the NIR reflection - spectrometry. fatscan measures the characteristics of milk most accurately. It is based on the advanced and trusted NIR technology approved for the Food & Pharma Industry worldwide. It can serve...