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  • Fence Post Systems

    Fence Post Systems

    Franklin Industries Co.’s Famous Gold Crown and Green/Light Grey Fence Posts are made from High-Strength Rail Steel and coated with high quality enamel paints to last years longer than other posts in the field. Even unfinished posts, used in silt fences, orchards, and vineyards, benefit from rail steel’s inherent weathering resistance. For posts that will last for decades, hot dip galvanizing is also available. Listed below is a table of...

  • Base-Bolted Steel Sign Posts

    Base-Bolted Steel Sign Posts

    Franklin Industries’ base-bolted sign posts offer many of the advantages of Eze-Erect sign posts at lower cost, except there is no retaining feature. They are an economical alternative when this feature is not required.

  • Eze-Erect Steel Sign Posts Systems

    Eze-Erect Steel Sign Posts Systems

    Eze-Erect sign posts’ design permits quick and easy installations from ground level with simple tools. The base posts are readily driven into hard soils, even asphalt. The sign post is then attached with the sign already in place. Crews are quickly trained and most installations take only minutes.