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  • Forage-harvesting

  • Holaras - Model Jumbo / Viking - Silage Spreader

    Holaras - Model Jumbo / Viking - Silage Spreader

    The -holaras- Silagespreaders process large quantities of grass silage intensively and evenly. In addition, they allow a quicker distribution in one working pass. During the distribution you can continue to drive the tractor along the middle of the grass silage, avoiding dangerous manoeuvres along the edges and lost time. For raising the edges, the machine has rubber sideboards that can be folded and/or extended up to six metres in width. The...

  • Holaras - Model M.E.S. - Maize leveller

    Holaras - Model M.E.S. - Maize leveller

    With the hydraulically operated -holaras- maize leveler type M.E.S., the maize supplied by the tippers can be efficiently distributed in a few minutes. The machines is also excellently suited to slotted silos. The machine is suited to attachment to the three-point of a tractor or for attachment on a shovel.

  • Holaras - Model Stego - Silagepacker

    Holaras - Model Stego - Silagepacker

    For an optimum silage compaction -holaras- comes next to the silage spreader, maizeleveler and the silagefork with the Silagepacker type STEGO. The machine is available in working widths of 200, 285 or 485 cm and can be expanded with various options such as extra ballast weights, side shift adjustment and electro-/hydraulic control.