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  • JBH - Gutter Systems

    JBH - Gutter Systems

    All JBH systems are economical and flexible gutter-systems to support the substrate. Economical because the drain water is collected for reuse and flexible because we can adjust the sizes of each system to the specific wishes of each customer. For vegetables we offer systems isolated from the ground with separate drain water discharge to avoid roots growing into the drain gutter. The most advanced technology is a system...

  • JBH - Steel Gutter Systems

    JBH - Steel Gutter Systems

    JB Hydroponics has developed a new, innovative and unique steel gutter which can be used for vegetables, cutflowers and softfruit. This gutter is stronger than other types of gutters used today for the same purpose. We have developed a gutter with one large drainchannel in the middle, which is covered with a SSP plate. The drain water is not collected at the out side of the gutter, but on the inside. This creates a gutter with many advantages.

  • JBH - Model EPS - Durable Gutter System

    JBH - Model EPS - Durable Gutter System

    The EPS system is a durable gutter system on the ground, specifically designed for each customer and each crop. The system comes with foil and drain hose for proper drainage water control. Lifetime 5-10 years. Insulating effect of the EPS material ensures a better control of the root temperature. Much cheaper than steel. Ground need not be profiled. Flexible system , substrates and growing systems change rapidly , adjustment is relatively cheap....

  • JBH - Model APS - Aqua Plant System

    JBH - Model APS - Aqua Plant System

    Besides the EPS and steel/ aluminum systems we also supply the PEVAL A.P.S. system. This stands for Aqua Plant System. It is a unique system whereby plants will be put on a special capillary mat which is placed on a special shaped PE liner with on both sides a water buffer.The thin mat reaches into these buffers and in this way there is a 2-way water transport. The plants will be irrigated by a normal drip system and have their roots in the mat...

  • JBH - Container System

    JBH - Container System

    JB Hydroponics has developed the JBH Container System. It is a system consisting out of 2 steel drain gutters supported by steel supports. The containers fit exactly into the drain gutters and can’t fall off because of the legs underneath the containers. The steel gutters are made of galvanized steel with a PU coating, which protects the gutters against EC and pH influences. The supports are also made from galvanized steel and the height...