Klima Design A/S

Klima Design A/S are producers of user friendly controllers, measuring equipment and PC-software used for communicating with these. Our customers are suppliers and contractors within agriculture, fish farming, fish farming at sea, solariums and other industrial use. Climate controllers within agriculture. A wide selection that covers any need. Alarm units for monitoring temperature, humidity, oxygen-level, pH-level and inputs from feeding units, pressurized water, silos, furnaces etc., by means of a Speech Processor that can inform about alarm cause and place in clear speech. Advanced alarm supervision. PC-software which can save specific data as documentation, thus helping the user to optimize controller settings. Service engineer can perform diagnoses and trouble shooting from a public telephone.

Company details

Lysbrohøjen 7 , Silkeborg , 8600 Denmark

Locations Served

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Agriculture - Agriculture Monitoring and Testing
Market Focus:
Internationally (various countries)

Klima Design was founded in 1988 by Tom Burup. 
Before founding his own business, he had been the manager of the developing department in his fathers company, BURUP VENTILATION A/S for 10 years. 

For 24 years Klima Design A/S has been a successful subsupplier to the contractors within the business of animal farming including fish farms. 

March 1. 2003 we moved in at our newdomicile, which had been designed by ourselves, to meet our wish to work in inspiring architectonic surroundings.

Enviromental Control at Animal Farms:

  • Control of heat/ventilation in pig/hog-farms, farrow sheds, nurseries, porkers, calf/cow-sheds , chicken farms, hatching of ostrich eggs, etc.
  • Remote control using a telephone and/or a PC. Remote support is thus possible, since service can be made using a telephone.
  • Automatic alarm call in case of error and announcement in clear speech.

Water oxidation, fish farm and fish farm at sea:

  • Proper life conditions for fish: Oxygen control and aerator and/or supply of pure oxygen. Automatic calculation of oxygen needed based on water temperature, in order to minimize resources.
  • pH-control and oxygen-control of water in recirculation plants, e.g. incubators. Supply of acid/base.


  • Advanced management of solariums by remote control from the reception desk, using RS485-communication.
  • Switch on solarium and stops after a preset time (booked in the reception desk)
  • Keeps account of total number of treatments and total run-time.
  • Temperature in the solarium and cabin is measured, and can be monitored from the reception.
  • Proper temperature is maintained in the solarium, for maximum comfort.

Industrial use

  • When using nitrogen freezers within the meat packaging industry, the oxygen-level is monitored.
  • Monitoring temperatures in production lines, computer server rooms, cold storage plants.
  • Dosing acid and base to control the pH-value in swimming pools and industrial washing plants and other production lines