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  • Out Front Mowers

  • Model 325EFD - Out Front Mowers

    Model 325EFD - Out Front Mowers

    The Model 325EFD is a 72” (182.88 cm) wide fully articulating rotary deck that is offered with specially engineered kits to be mounted on 6 major brands of out-front mowers. The 325EFD allows your existing out-front mower to handle the toughest terrain. Each 325EFD features three 25” (635 mm) independent decks that follow the contours of the ground to deliver the cut quality of 3 small push mowers. The 325EFD is a perfect replacement deck...

  • Model 100EFD - Articulating Rotary Mowers

    Model 100EFD - Articulating Rotary Mowers

    Since Lastec’s introduction of articulating rotary mowers in 1990, the turf industry hasn’t had to accept the turf damage caused by wide area decks. Lastec Articulators all cut with the quality of a small push mower no matter how wide you need to cut. The Model 100EFD is no exception, delivering a 100” (254 cm) wide cut with the accuracy of five 21” (533.4 mm) push mowers. In addition to John Deere, this versatile...

  • Zero Turn Mowers

  • Model 3380 - Zero Turn Mowers

    Model 3380 - Zero Turn Mowers

    The 3380 Articulator is built to meet the rotary demands that range from golf course use to heavy commercial applications. This model is available with a 33 hp Kubota turbo diesel. The unit also offers a 80”(203.2 cm) wide cut, utilizing four 21” (533.4 mm) articulating rotary decks and features a 20” (508 mm) side reach to reduce hand mowing and trimming near ponds or banks. The unit folds up to 70” (177.8 cm) for...

  • Lastec - Model 3300 - Zero Turn Mower

    Lastec - Model 3300 - Zero Turn Mower

    Four things set the Lastec 100 Series Articulators apart from any other commercial mower on the planet. First, these zero turn mowers cut 100” (2.5 M) of grass. Second, they cut that wide with the accuracy of a 21” (535mm) push mower. Third, the 100 Series Articulators can fold their outer decks with ease, reducing the transport width to 78” (2 M). Fourth, they can safely trim closer to ponds, banks, and other obstacles than other...

  • Lastec  - Model 4520 - Zero Turn Mowers

    Lastec - Model 4520 - Zero Turn Mowers

    The Lastec Model 4520 Articulator is the widest area zero turn mower on the planet. Its 10 foot (3 M) wide cutting width is made up of five fully articulating rotary decks. The outer decks of this huge capacity mower fold to road legal widths with the push of a lever. Productivity matches that of mowers costing up to 50% more and cut quality matches a crew of five with push mowers.

  • Pull Behind Mowers

  • Model 521XR - Pull Behind Mowers

    Model 521XR - Pull Behind Mowers

    The Model 521XR is a five-deck version of the Model 721XR that revolutionized rotary mowing over a decade ago. The 521XR offers a competitively priced option for mowing applications that are best suited to use an eight foot wide mowing deck. The 521XR can be used with a lighter weight, lower horsepower tractor than the 721XR and is perfect for golf course roughs that need a narrower cutting width to mower in tight areas around trees and other...

  • Model 721XR - Pull Behind Mowers

    Model 721XR - Pull Behind Mowers

    Mow with one of the most impressive mowing decks in the world. Imagine the perfection you will achieve with seven 21” (533.4 mm) decks. That translates to a 132” (335.28 cm) cut in one pass with the finish of seven individual precision mowers. Budgetminded customers who own a tractor can pay a fraction compared to self-contained options. The 721XR is the original Articulator and the standard by which all other mowers are gauged.