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  • Snow Blowers

  • Lorenz - Model 310 Series - Snow Blower

    Lorenz - Model 310 Series - Snow Blower

    The 310 series blowers are designed for tractors up to 40 HP.  All three models have a 24 inch fan housings, 11 inch diameter top augers, and 15' bottom augers.  Input RPM is 540 for all 310 Series.  The 3 point hitch is Category. The augers are protected by a separate shear assembly.  The shear bolts are located on the drive sprockets.  The drive uses #50H roller chain.  The fan and augers are protected by a shear...

  • Earth Movers

  • Lorenz - Earth Movers

    Lorenz - Earth Movers

    The Lorenz Earth Mover is available in two models - the L8600 and L10800.  They are the push-off type, with double acting hydraulics.  The front axle is mounted to a heavy duty swivel with stress proof pins.  All axle spindles are bolted in place for easy removal.  The hydraulic cylinders are heavy duty and well protected.  The cutting edges are reversible and replaceable.  The center section cutting edge is larger for...

  • Winches

  • Lorenz - Model 1800 - Crank Winches

    Lorenz - Model 1800 - Crank Winches

    For fifteen years, Lorenz has been manufacturing various models of aluminum crank winches for the boat lift industry.  Our winches are designed to accommodate lifts from 1000 lb. capacity to as high as 7,000 lb. capacity in many different models.  They all incorporate roller chain and sprockets with a standard brake mechanism.  These winches are heavy duty and practically maintenance free.

  • Cultivators

  • Light Duty Cultivation

    Light Duty Cultivation

    The Vibra Spring tine is a good choice for all light duty cultivating.  The Vibra Spring (Danish Tine) vibrates as it is pulled through the dirt at a minimum speed.  The vibrating action cuts through dirt effectively with minimum moisture loss.  The Vibra Spring cultivator is available in 2, 4, 6 and 8 row non-folding models, and 6, 8, 12 and 16 row folding models.  The gangs can easily be adjusted for any width...

  • Lorenz - Heavy Duty Cultivation

    Lorenz - Heavy Duty Cultivation

    The Total Till cultivator is classified as our heavy duty cultivator.  It is the heaviest built, most aggressive cultivator.  It is also known as our 'High Trash Cultivator'.  The tool bar is 7' square and the gangs are easily adjustable.  Each gang including the main cross bar can be filled with water for more weight.

  • Haystack Movers

  • Model 18 & 10 Ton - Stack Movers

    Model 18 & 10 Ton - Stack Movers

    The 18 ton and 10 ton stack movers are very similar.  However, the 18 ton is a little longer and has larger tube rails.  Also, the tires and wheels are heavier to handle the extra load.  Below is a comparison chart with all the specifications.

  • Hay Sled Movers

    Hay Sled Movers

    The Hay Sled is similar to the 10 Ton Stack Mover specifications, however the Hay Sled is for single row stacks.  It can load transport and unload up to 5 round bales.  The axles are walking-beam type to evenly distribute the load over uneven ground.  The Hay Sled is hydraulically driven with hydraulic bed tilt.  Hydraulic supply hoses are standard, without tractor couplers.  Optional equipment includes fenders for...