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  • RTK GNSS Equipment

  • ATLASLINK - Model S320 - Gnss Smart Antenna System

    ATLASLINK - Model S320 - Gnss Smart Antenna System

    Firstly we should point out that this isn’t an RTK receiver and currently we aren’t suggesting you use it to install tile drainage (though it’s on our radar to test the theory on fields with plenty of natural slope!). It’s a new offering from Hemisphere GNSS that brings survey-grade precision to precision agriculture via the Atlas™ Global Correction Service. Atlas offers further improved accuracy when compared to...

  • Soil-Max - Gold Digger

    Soil-Max - Gold Digger

    Don’t believe the doubters! You can tile your land yourself, and achieve professional results. We have helped dozens of farms throughout western Canada do just that. The Soil-Max Stealth ZD tile plow is the best-selling plow in North America because it really does make tiling your own land achievable and affordable.