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  • Soil-Max - Gold Digger

    Soil-Max - Gold Digger

    Don’t believe the doubters! You can tile your land yourself, and achieve professional results. We have helped dozens of farms throughout western Canada do just that. The Soil-Max Stealth ZD tile plow is the best-selling plow in North America because it really does make tiling your own land achievable and affordable.

  • RTK GNSS Equipment

  • Outback - Model A320/321 - Survey System

    Outback - Model A320/321 - Survey System

    Simple operation. Excellent performance. GLONASS enabled. Outstanding value. Our recommended system for farmers wanting to tile their land. Simply setup the base station on the included tripod, connect to the included 12v battery, and after 3 button presses you’re RTK-ready in a few minutes. Of all the systems we’ve ever setup and sold, this is the one we’ve had the fewest issues with – hence it’s the one we...

  • Model S320 - Full-Blown Survey System

    Model S320 - Full-Blown Survey System

    This is a full-blown survey system comprising of 2 x Hemisphere S320 units. One is setup as a base, the other as a rover. Recommended for surveyors or those comfortable with the concepts of surveying. This system can be used to generate surveys that are tied to official geodetic coordinate systems and reference stations. Data can be logged to a data collector running SurvCE, or to a laptop/tablet PC running a suitable application. We currently operate...