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Omaz S.r.l. manufactures and distributes poultry farming equipment. Its products include batteries for layers, pullets, and broilers; systems for ventilation, humidification, and heating; computerized management systems; centralized systems with drag chain conveyors for eggs; conveyor belts for manures; tunnels for manure drying; plants for layer and broiler free-range farming; and buildings with iron structures and thermal panels. The company also provides layers, rearings, aviary products, broilers, and MDS solutions. Omaz S.r.l. was founded in 1981 and is based in Civitanova Marche, Italy. OMAZ today is a company with an established presence in all five continents. This success makes me very proud and it deserves to be shared, as you rightly do on the occasion of such an important anniversary, with all those who over time have had the opportunity to know and work with OMAZ.

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via S. Sonnino, 49 – 51 , Civitanova Marche (MC) , 62012 Italy

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Agriculture - Poultry
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Globally (various continents)

In the charming Marche Riviera, a few kilometres from the Adriatic Sea and in front of the motorway exit of Civitanova Marche (MC), in the kingdom of the main Italian footwear manufacturers, is the headquarter of OMAZ, a world leader in the poultry sector.

Just this year, in the 60th anniversary of the foundation of the company, the president Giuseppe Quadrini, grandson of the founder whose name he bears, tells us:

when we celebrate an important anniversary we look behind. I imagine that faraway spring of 1955 and the small workshop where everything started. Thanks to the intuition of my grandfather Giuseppe and some few trusted collaborators, in the heart of Civitanova Marche they start to produce the first family cages for the weaning of chicks.

During these sixty years the company has made a great journey without ever losing sight of its own identity and those values of passion and love for work that marked the beginning of this adventure.

That small workshop has become a world leader in the poultry sector and today the brand OMAZ

Represents the style “made in Italy” which requires innovative and reliable products, made with raw materials of the highest quality and skilfully worked with the same care and attention that my grandfather asked his craftsmen and that are still present in every OMAZ detail.

Many are the customers, employees, suppliers, collaborators and friends who during these years have entered the world of OMAZ and who have chosen to work and grow with us.

OMAZ followed a precise philosophy: specialization in the world of national and international aviculture with a special attention to the needs of each market, to the research and development of technologically more advanced products, to a personalized service for customers and to a team work .

A continuous growth also in terms of turnover and new recruitments and coherent with the original spirit of that little company based on creativity, competence, flexibility and passion. But OMAZ Elixir of Long life is the continuous process of innovation, the result of a serious work, as we do every day in OMAZ.

The celebration of a company anniversary will not then be a look of self-satisfaction towards the past, but an incentive for the race of OMAZ can continue.

The winning recipe to look confidently to the future is just one: working hard at all levels to be the best and offer the most satisfactory products that the poultry market may require.