Peripheral Mowers, Inc

Peripheral Mowers, Inc

Peripheral Mowers, Inc. began as a mower company featuring the patented peripheral blade. Our mower styles include five-foot, six-foot, and seven-foot three-point hitch mounted units. In the second year of operation, we began our ribbon cutter line. These units perform well in the turf grass market. The precision cut obtained by the peripheral blade made it possible to cut the ribbon without damaging the grass root system. During the fall of 2005, our company introduced the Peripheral Litter Rejuvenator (PLR) to the poultry industry. The PRL has revolutionized the litter management end of the poultry industry. The PLR saves 100% of the litter, saving time and money.

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1019 Lenox-Brookfield Rd. , Lenox , Georgia (US) 31637 USA
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Peripheral Mowers, Inc. moved to its current location in Lenox, GA in 2005. Expansion was needed in order to meet the demand for the products. Our units are now completely built and assembled in our Georgia plant.

The Peripheral Mower is the latest innovation for cutting grass in the 21st century. Its patented design offers the following benefits to its users:

  • Less chance of thrown objects – the Peripheral Mower is one of the safest on the market.
  • Requires less fuel – it uses less power due to its shorter movement arm than other units.
  • Longer blade life – tests have proven that the our blade can last up to seven times longer than ordinary blades.
  • Two-piece blade – designed for easy replacement
  • Sharpening is not required – due to its patented design, the blade will retain an edge longer.
  • Blades are made of a material that will absorb energy – this feature allows the blades to bend and not break or fly apart.
  • Bent blades can easily be straightened – the blades will not need to be replaced if the damage is minimal.