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  • High Clearance Conversion Sprayers

    High Clearance Conversion Sprayers

    A Swather Conversion Sprayer can be mounted on most late-model diesel swather tractors.  A high-rise kit, a standard feature, includes two narrow tires and complete shielding to make the unit a High Clearance Conversion Sprayer.

  • Sprayers

  • Setters Generation 2000

    Setters Generation 2000

    Setter's Generation 2000 - comes complete with Hydraulic Wing Tilt, Hydraulic boom lift and Hydraulic Folding Booms.

  • Diesel Tanks

    Diesel Tanks

    Tank manufactured from specifically formulated diesel grade polyethylene, Strong poly lid to protect pump compartment, Splash resistant breather installed, 10 GPM pump with ON/OFF switch, Bypass valve integrated in pump body, 3/4' auto shut off nozzle, Hose swivel to prevent tangles, 15 feet of 3/4' hose with anti kink spring, Easy to clean suction strainer, 3/4' drain bung on tank, Nozzle lock plate

  • Agrimax Grain Level Monitoring System

    Agrimax Grain Level Monitoring System

    Alerts you when the Grain has reached the Auger spout, Easily mounts at the Auger spout and nitofies the remote pager when the grain pile has rteached the mounted sensor, Powered by internal 6volt battery or 12 volts, High contrast amber downlight and flashing red transport safety light.

  • Grain Bin Level Alarm

    Grain Bin Level Alarm

    Each monitored bin is equipped with a Bin Alarm/Transmitter Socket, Bin Alarm or Transmitter are inserted into the socket to begin monitoring, Two material Level Sensors are supplied with each unit and easily install on the outside of the bin, requiring only a 7/16' diameter hole.

  • Electric Hose Reels

    Electric Hose Reels

    12 Volt Electric Reel with Remote Control, 2' Reel holds Max. 75' of 2' Sprayer Hose, 3' Reel holds Max. 65' of 3' Sprayer Hose.