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  • Stringent Quality Assurance Protocols

    Stringent Quality Assurance Protocols

    Production facilities in Hyderabad India, the Philippines and Vietnam are governed by strict quality protocols and the guidelines prescribed by the International Seed Testing Association. Each facility combines state-of-the-art seed testing, processing, conditioning and packaging technologies with large covered bins for storage. Each facility has received the coveted International Organization of Standardization 9001 certification, in recognition of its...

  • Farmer Support Services

    Farmer Support Services

    The starting point is to identify the root of each agricultural problem in each climatic zone. The problem could be a certain type of pest or disease. Or it could be a soil or climatic characteristic. In each case, the solution would lie in building crop resistance to the destructive agent. While Bioseed has its ear firmly to the ground, it also has the eyes of a hawk. Close farmer interactions in India, Vietnam, the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia,...

  • Research and Development Services

    Research and Development Services

    More than 60 PhDs and Masters of Science in agriculture form the backbone of the company's research cell. Their mandate is to produce hybrid seeds of superior genetics. The focus: Biotic and abiotic stress tolerance. The scientists work with more than 8000 'germplasm' in technology-driven laboratories. The systems and procedures they follow and enforce are under constant microscopic surveillance by independent bodies. Nine breeding stations and more than...