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  • Post Drivers

  • DIADEM - Post Driver

    DIADEM - Post Driver

    The DIADEM is the jewel in our Post Driver crown. It is the ultimate in versatility and power. The combination of the telescopic beam,the hydraulic mast and the unique beam clamp (patents pending) gives the DIADEM a complete range of movements with enough power to carry either a  300kg or 400kg hammer. Imagine using the optional rockspike with that kind of power behind it! Naturally, we’ve made sure that the DIADEM is just as reliable and...

  • Wrag OPUS - Post Driver

    Wrag OPUS - Post Driver

    The OPUS is unique. It is unmatched and unrivalled in any class. Sitting with its big brother the proven DIADEM, the OPUS offers unsurpassed versatility and power, yet works off any tractor of 90HP+. Thereby allowing the ultimate machine to reach a wider audience. With patents pending on its optional beam clamp and its design registration already given, it...

  • Wrag - Model Commander XL - Post Driver

    Wrag - Model Commander XL - Post Driver

    Building on the highly successful Commander X, WRAG introduced the Commander XL. Whilst offering all the versatility of its sister, the Commander XL has the added benefit of a telescopic beam fitted as standard. Used in conjunction with the Powerslide headstock, fencing in awkward field corners or over a ditch will no longer be difficult at best or even impossible.

  • Log Splitters

  • Wrag - 10 Ton Log Splitters

    Wrag - 10 Ton Log Splitters

    In addition to our Post Drivers we also manufacture a range of high quality log splitters and trailers. Our powerful design means that our log splitters punch well above their weight. The unique wedge shape of the blade reduces the power required, but offers ultra efficient splitting.

  • Wrag - 13 Ton Log Splitters

    Wrag - 13 Ton Log Splitters

    Our 13 Ton model is available in a horizontal configuration with manual operation. The largest logsplitter in the range, producing a true 13 ton splitting force at 2500 psi (170BAR) 35ltr/min oil supply. Designed for the busiest operator, this logsplitter has a clearance of 82cm so can handle the largest of logs as required.