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  • Artificial Coconut Tree

    Artificial Coconut Tree

    Introduction of Artificial Coconut Palm Tree Artificial coconut palm trees are a great way to add height, shade and tropical fun to the commercial space. Available up to 40 feet in height, these artificial beauties are wonderful landscapes that do not need specific caring or watering like real plants.   ...

  • Artificial Date Palm

    Artificial Date Palm

    Introduction of Artificial Date Palm Tree We Beijing Palm International Group Ltd. supply artificial palms for sale, both the trunk and leaves are able to stand the strong sunshine by the means of ...


  • Drones effective tools for fruit farmers

    Drones effective tools for fruit farmers

    People have used the phrase “drone on and on” for a long time. Webster’s dictionary defines this figure of speech as “to speak for a long time in a dull voice without saying anything interesting.” Yet, in agriculture, ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Measuring Computer

    Measuring Computer

    HYPRO MD320 has length and diameter measurement, it saves log data for printing of measuring list and the ability to manage nine different preset lengths for auto-stop (NOTE! Auto-stop is not standard but is available as an option only for the 755 models and is then controlled through HYPRO MD320). Computer program and cabling for connecting the unit and printing measuring list through PC is ...