Precision Irrigation

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  • Fully Automated Gravimetric Platform
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    Fully Automated Gravimetric Platform

    By Phenospex B. V.

    A gravimetric platform with precision irrigation to assess transpiration rates. DroughtSpotter is a fully automated gravimetric platform that was designed to assess the transpiration dynamics of plants with great ...

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  • Variable Demand Irrigation

    2,000 GPM Turbine pump supplies four 500 GPM pivot sprinklers After three VFD’s failed in ...

Companies & Suppliers

  • The Pivot Doc LLC

    The Pivot Doc LLC

    The Pivot Doc LLC offers a wide array of services from standard end tower control systems, corner systems and linear move systems to GPS equipped ...

  • CropMetrics

    Founded by growers, for growers, CropMetrics is a precision agriculture company focused on advanced agronomic solutions while specializing in ...



    FIGARO or “Flexible and Precision Irrigation Platform to Improve Farm Scale Water Productivity” is a European wide research project co-funded by the ...

  • Tunnel Pro

    Tunnel Pro

    Tunnel Pro specializes with the planning, installation and maintenance of hydroponic tunnels, Green houses and smart irrigation systems. Our tunnels ...

  • Precise Irrigation

    Precise Irrigation

    Precise Irrigation was set up in 1991 with the objective of supplying and installing manual and automatic irrigation systems. However it has become ...