Surface Water irrigation

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  • The principle that gardens need irrigation

    The principle that gardens need irrigation

    1. Irrigation principle The amount of irrigation, the number of irrigation times and the time should be determined according to the water demand characteristics, growth stage, climate and soil conditions of medicinal plants, and timely, appropriate ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Turbo Sprinkler

    Turbo Sprinkler

    The Turbo Sprinkler spreads water by a rotating a mini turbo swivel that ejects a jet to cover a larger wetting diameter. It generates a circular uniform droplet distribution over a range of throw diameters from 5 to12 meters, thus nicely completes our line of low volume spreaders. The products are available in a variety of flow rates, from 25 L/hr (6.5 GPH) to 300 L/hr (75 GPH). The flow rate is ...