Agricultural Unmanned Aerial Systems to collect Farm Data


Source: Ag Business & Crop Inc.

This this is a great example on what our clients do in agriculture. You have to have the right UAS (Unmanned Aerial System also known as a drone) to collect the data and it is all about the data. To collect good data you need the right tool with the right sensors and cameras, stability and dependability. The fixed wing UAS from senseFly is the tool for mapping.  If you are mapping a reflectance map for crop health or elevation map you have to be able to cover the area with sufficient overlap to produce an accurate map in the end.  The rotary wing eXom is used as the inspection tool since it is the right tool to hover in a position close to an object. For the job you need to get done you need the right tool.

Canadian Business Journal Page 155 to 163

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