Root strength in OSR and winter cereals


Source: Ilex EnviroSciences Limited

We should never underestimate the importance of roots. Good plant roots are essential for water and nutrient uptake and as such have a significant influence on crop health and yield. Whatever the autumn weather, stimulating the development of deeper root systems will improve the plant’s ability to access the nutrients and water required for establishment and early growth.

Phosphites have a proven ability to promote root growth. And combining this biostimulant action with crop specific nutrients provide an easy-to-apply but highly effective tool for boosting yield potential. Introducing an Ilex foliar phosphite into your standard agro-chemical programme can deliver significant returns in both plant health and yield while keeping inputs at a manageable level.

For winter oilseed rape crops, the application of the foliar phosphite OilSeed Raiser delivers Phosphorus in both the phosphate and phosphite forms maximising the growth of both the tap and lateral root systems. Its NPK content is supplemented with Boron, Calcium and Molybdenum, the key elements required by oilseed rape – as a brassica – in relatively large amounts compared to cereals.

We recommend applying Oilseed Raiser at 4-6 true leaf stage at a rate of 1.5 litres per hectare. Further applications can be made any time from early spring to help alleviate stress symptoms and maintain healthy growth.

Similarly, for winter cereals, the beneficial levels of Phosphorus, Nitrogen and Potassium in Crop Rooter-P will stimulate root development to aid effective nutrient and water uptake in both wet and dry conditions. The balanced combination of phosphate and phosphite P will stimulate root growth when wet, cloddy conditions deter the natural development of deep roots. And in dry conditions, will provide targeted quantities of phosphorus when it is more difficult to access due to poor mobility.

We recommend applying Crop-Rooter-P initially in the autumn at a rate of 1 litre per hectare with further applications in the spring to aid crop quality.

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