Model 12PH - Bale Trailer



The advantage of the Humus platform trailer compared to other trailers is its universal application. While the Humus bale carrier is intended only for the transport of straw, hay and silo bales, the Humus platform trailer can transport all of this and also anything else that can be loaded onto the trailer.

Front and Side Walls
Humus platform trailers have support walls in the front and back end of the platform to support the load, so that the bales are securely in place and make their way to the loading site. In addition to end supports, side borders can also be added to the trailer, so that it would be easier to transport loads and secure them with fastening straps.

The Humus platform trailer uses 500/50-17 tires as standard equipment. You can choose between different tire sizes, types and patterns. In addition to a 500 mm wide tire, 600 and 710 mm wide tires also fit the trailer. In addition, the selection includes diagonal and radial tires, wherein the latter ensure a much smoother ride. The flotation pattern has the property of self-cleaning from field mud so that roads stay clean when driving out onto the road.

Requirements for Tractor
Generally accepted practices prescribe that the tractor should have approximately 10 hp per cargo ton. Due to this, the tractor should have about 150 hp for hauling the Humus 12PH.

  • Length (mm): 9800
  • Width (mm): 2460
  • Height (mm): 1300 - 2300
  • Size of loading area (mm): 8000/2460/1000
  • Capacity (m²): 19,7
  • Maximum load capacity (kg): 12000
  • Total weight (kg): 15200
  • Speed limit (km/h): 40
  • Standard coupling (rotating): 50 mm
  • Standard wheels: 500/50-17
  • Brakes (hydraulical): all wheels

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