360 Yield Center

- Multi Directional Spray Nozzles


Up to four multi directional spray nozzles on each unit for customized spray patterns and 150-degree horizontal spray application. When plants aren’t healthy, nitrogen utilization can be limited and yields can suffer. With 360 UNDERCOVER, you can target your fungicide, insecticide and nutrient application where it’s needed most – under the crop canopy.


  • Flexible fungicide, insecticide and nutrient applications
  • Under-canopy application
  • Targeted application


Protect your crops from late-season disease and insect infestations by applying protection where it’s most effective. 360 UNDERCOVER completely surrounds the ear leaf and upper canopy, attacking your target from the top, sides and bottom.


360 UNDERCOVER mounts easily to your 360 Y-DROP riser and glides smoothly through the field for targeted fungicide, insecticide and nutrient applications. It also gives you multiple nozzle choices, which allow you to adjust your application speed and pressure accordingly.

  • Each unit operates up to four multidirectional spray nozzles
  • Multiple nozzle types can be used for customized spray pattern and droplet size
  • Ability to gain 150-degree horizontal spray application side by side
  • Special shell design for better nozzle protection
  • Vertical positioning to match your crop’s growth stage
  • Ideal for simultaneous application of nitrogen and fungicide/insecticide in dual tank sprayers
  • Can be used in corn, seed corn, soybeans, wheat, cotton and sugar beets

Key Takeaways

  • Spraying both in the canopy with the 360 UNDERCOVER and from the top from the sprayer boom resulted in the best coverage.
  • Coverage matters - the best coverage resulted in the top yields, an average of 3.9 bu/A more than no coverage.
  • In-canopy application with 360 UNDERCOVER allowed for optimal disease control especially this year for the stem rots in central Illinois.

The grower used 360 UNDERCOVER on a 60 ft. Miller system. This soybean field had multiple row spacings (12”,20”,30”) and populations (100,000 and 140,000) to study application effects in multiple management strategies. Insecticide, fungicide, and a foliar fertilizer containing Mn,Zn, and S was applied.

A check strip was left in each row spacing and each population. Strips included 360 UNDERCOVER in the canopy, above the canopy with the regular spray boom, and a combination of both in and above the canopy.


  • The field was set in blocks with four application strips in each.
  • Blocks started from the west:
    • + 12” @ 140,000
    • + 20” @ 140,000
    • + 30” @ 140,000
    • + 20” @ 100,000
    • + 30” @ 100,000

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