Bijlsma Hercules B.V.

Model 6000/4 - Grading Machines



Bijlsma Hercules grading machines stand out for their unique riddling speed drives. This mechanism has electrical controls. High and low riddling speeds and duration can be adjusted separately. This enables optimum riddling frequency for each tuber shape, under any circumstances. The heavy-duty design of the crankshaft combined with electrical drive ensure the machine's quiet operation -- even when it is mounted on a support frame, as in bulk hopper installations, for example. This model stands out due to its small dimensions, riddles from a single piece, and the method of changing the riddles. This machine does have the same unique drive control and is equipped with an automatic riddle cleaner.

Machine standard equipped with:

  • Solid basic frame, built up as a module system for easy placement at nearly any location.
  • Double pusher system for gentle handling of the product
  • Pushers with double coverage for damage free handling
  • Frequency drive with double independent settings for grading and transport of the tubers
  • 4 layers of grading decks, for 5 different sizes

  • Capacity up to 8 t/h
  • Number of riddles4
  • Riddle dimensionslength * width.1.300 * 800 mm.
  • Riddle in1 part
  • Machine length3.450 mm.
  • Machine width1.705 mm.
  • Riddle mechanism drive1.50 kW
  • Riddle cleaner drive0.75 kW
  • Weight1005 kg. (excl. riddles)

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