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Agrochemicals in combination with genetically improved varieties have made important contributions to the success of intensive agriculture and mainly to improve the food supply. Without any doubt agrochemicals will still act as a strong tool for crop productivity increase in the future. Short and medium term commercial objectives of the agrochemicals manufacturing industry include the development of natural origin compounds from bacteria and fungi, more specific and efficient products and more environmentally friendly preparations.


IDEN BIOTECHNOLOGY, aware of the market needs, is developing a specific R&D line for agrobiologicals production, having reached a commercial stage for some of the derived technologies.

Our in house R&D focuses on products derived from natural sources like bacteria and fungi. To reinforce our own research, we are happy to assess new R&D achievements or developed technologies for biopesticides, fortifiers or growth promoters production from private and public institutions which are looking for a developer or technology transfer partner.


Iden is marketing technologies for the production of growth enhancers and fortifiers of application in many crops, including cereals and vegetables, having positive impact in crop nutritional profile, growth rate, ripening, plant robustness and stress tolerance among others. The developed processes can be implemented worldwide.

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