- Model 1180 - Active Ingredient Fumigants



Active Ingredient: Metam Potassium 54%. Busan 1180 is a water soluble liquid. When applied to properly prepared soil, the liquid is converted into a gaseous fumigant. Busan 1180 is recommended for the control of the following soil-borne pests that attack ornamental, food and fibre crops: weeds and germinating weed seeds (annual bluegrass, bermudagrass, chickweed, dandelion, ragweed, henbit, lambsquarters, pigweed, Johnsongrass, wild morningglory) as well as nematodes and soil-borne diseases (Rhizoctonia, Pythium, Phytophthora, Verticillium, Sclerotinia and club root of crucifers).

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