- Continuous Water Blancher Cooker



Lyco’s Clean-Flow Continuous Water Blancher/Cooker/Cooler is designed to work in one- or two-zone configurations. The Clean-Flow may blanch, cook or rehydrate in one zone, cool in a second zone or be a stand-alone cooler in a separate machine. Clean-Flow machines were designed for rapid thorough cleaning and to allow for faster changeover in order to process several different food products per day. The clean-in-place (CIP) cycle is completed in minutes with no or minimal manual involvement.

  • Higher recovery (5-15 percent)
  • Higher quality products
  • Higher throughput/volume
  • Improved shelf life
  • ZERO losses running spaghetti
  • ZERO over and undercooking, completely uniform cooking

  • Designed for super fragile food products
  • Changeover in minutes
  • Main auger and screen self-cleans 360 degrees
  • Water plenum discharge self-cleans

Product is fed into the machine in a consistent, continuous motion. Depending on the application and plant requirements, the processor can adjust the controls to accommodate varying capacities and product retention times. Products may be particulates like rice, peas, broccoli or seafood. Pasta may be short goods like macaroni or long goods like spaghetti. The cook zone blanches, cooks or rehydrates products from chickpeas to quinoa, dry beans of all varieties, vegetables and/or fruit, pasta and rice. As product leaves the retention area, it gets picked up by a water plenum discharge, which gently carries it up to a wedge-wire screen for dewatering before exiting the machine.

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