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- Model 800 - Elevator



The basic version of the CTK 800/65 is very complete and offers the user many advantages. This flexible transporter can be used for a number of different products.

Flexible and solid
The CTK 800/65’s base is characterized by a solidly constructed under and upper frame. Sturdy cylinders are used, and the upper frame’s side plates consist of single pieces.
The tandem chassis with casters makes sure that unevenness of the surface is compensated for, and ensures that the transporter can easily be moved by one person. The belt drive is located in the machine’s head, which means the conveyor is driven by means of a pulling motion. This prevents belt slipping.
Optionally, the CTK 800/65 can be equipped with squared rotating main wheels, which makes the machine easily pivotable or laterally movable.

Capacity combined with product-friendliness
All AVR transporters are equipped with V-shaped high chevron belts (running side walls) that cover the frame parts, which offers two advantages. The capacity is significantly higher because more product remains on the belt, and thanks to the V-shape, the product never comes into contact with the frame parts. This makes sure the product is never damaged and ensures a high quality. At the conveyor belt’s outlet side, the machine is equipped with an adjustable swan neck. This ensures that the drop height can be limited to a minimum and prevents product damage.

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