Multi-Purpose Primary Tillage

- 28` Aluminum Trailer


Undercoating; 22,500 lb. Capacity axle with outboard mounted hubs and drums; Anti-Lock Brakes with Automatic Slack Adjusters; Two speed 50,000 lb Landing Legs; I.C.C. standard sealed beam type Lighting; I.C.C. Reflective tape, Mud Flaps, Ladder and Catwalk (front & rear); 67' Height & 96' Width. All Trailers also come equipped with Shur-Lok roll Tarp. 

Tire Options (Hub Piloted Rims)

  • 11R 24.5 New Radials on Steel Rims
  • 11R 22.5 New Radials on Steel Rims
  • 24.5 Low Pro First Time Caps on Steel Rims
  • Aluminum Rims

Shur-Lok Tarp Standard Features

  • Double Ridge Straps
  • Front Shur Return
  • Easy Off Tarp Stops

  • Tandem Axle
  • Double Hopper
  • Bushel Capacity: Level-648; Heaped-899
  • Dimensions: 67', 72' or 80' side Height; 96' or 102' Width

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