ESCENT®  S is a wide spectrum mycotoxin control program and liver protection package combined with a professional risk assessment service. It is a well-researched complex of different active ingredients ensuring multifactorial approach to protect and support against toxins stress  in 5 different ways:

  • Reduce immunosuppression: A reduced status of the immune-system is alleviated by the use of Beta-glucans and well selected plant extracts.
  • Reduce oxidative stress. The presence of mycotoxins plays an important role in lipid peroxidation at cell level. Both, synthetic and natural antioxidants avoids further action of free radicals towards intestinal micro-flora, tissues and cells, protection the natural pathways of biotransformation of mycotoxins.
  • Support organ functioning. Liver and kidneys are crucial organs in the detoxification and elimination of toxic principles in the blood. Several mycotoxins have a well-known impact on the functioning of these organs.
  • Mycotoxin adsorption. Both high adsorbent mineral clays and yeast extracts rich in gluco-mannans are used to adsorb mycotoxins. Their role is to adsorb mycotoxins efficiently, selectively and quickly, reducing the bio-availability for the organism.
  • Mould inhibition. In order to eliminate further mould development, and by consequence potential mycotoxin production, a selected mould inhibitor make Escent® a well-balanced mixture between support, protection and prevention.

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