Batch Scale Systems



The batch scale system, is designed to be used with single or multiple tank configurations. It will accurately weigh batch loads of liquid fertilizer. The system can also be utilized with single products or blending of multiple products. The 30 degree cone bottom tank will ensure all product drains, before the next load. We can custom design the system, and deliver a turnkey product that will fit with your liquid fertilizer load out or blending site needs.

  • Tank size 2580 Imp. gal.
  • 30º cone bottom tank with indent for total drainage
  • UV protected tank 96” diameter
  • 4 leg saddle painted with primer and two part epoxy/urathene
  • Four 10K single ended beam load cells c/w mounts
  • M2000 Digital monitor
  • 2” or 3″ bulkheads available
  • Overall dimensions,  96″ Wide x 147″ High

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