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Genap has been supplying and installing storage solutions for water and slurry for 60 years, like storing slurry in a slurry silo which is a steel silo, coated on two sides, and fitted with a plastic lining. The horticulture silo consists  of modular constructed corrugated sheets and is supplied up to a diameter of 32 metres and a capacity up to as much as 2,000m3. There is no need for a crane when erecting the silos. Manpower is sufficient for connecting together and erecting the corrugated sheets using nuts and bolts.

The slurry silo concept is based on special coated corrugated sheets using the Duplex protection system. As an extra protective layer we apply a 200 mu coating of ‘Super Vinyl Thermoplast’ over an initial 275gr/m2 galvanised coating. Then we line the slurry silo with a plastic foil, for which you have a choice of various types with or without a Kiwa certificate. The most commonly used is the high-grade fibre-reinforced Genatex 850® PVC foil or the very durable EPDM foil. Genap also provides solutions for covering slurry silos in order to minimise odour emissions.

The silo consists of corrugated steel plates. These are hot zinc dipped and fully coated with a polyurethane coating.

Silo Liner
The liner for this silo consists of 1 mm thick Fecatex® PVC foil for the bottom and Genatex® 850, reinforced PVC foil, for the walls. The liner has an edge with an overlap of Genatex® 850 with stainless steel rings. The liner is fixated to the silo with dralon cord.

We supply protection sheets to place in between the steel silo and the liner, for protection of the liner. This can also be used on the bottom.

This liner meets Ihe European construction guidelines for manure storage and has a KIWA certificate. The liner guarantees a waterproof system, which prevents contamination of ground water.

Silo Cover
You can create a completely closed system by installing a cover. We offer several solutions.

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