Grade Lumber Resaw



For any operation dependent on producing large amounts of wide boards everyday a resaw becomes a necessity. The Grade Lumber Resaw is crucial to your lumber operation due to it's efficiency and speed at which it finishes boards. This Resaw is capable of producing 10,000+ board feet per day!

To use, take your squared cants and feed them through the Resaw with the blade at the desired height. After the cant passes through, the cut board is removed and stacked while the remainder of the cant is sent back through the Resaw for another cut. This process is repeated until the entire cant has been turned into lumber.

Feed speed is controlled with a hydraulic flow control valve which will give you total control with the ease of a lever.

  • 30hp or 40hp Electic Power- ample power for speed
  • 16' Wide Feed Bed- able to handle 16x16 cants
  • Triple Hydraulic Feed Motors-reliable power to feed big cants
  • Dual Top Hold Downs-superior clamping power for accurate cuts
  • Gearbox Head Raising- provides years of trouble free performance
  • 26' All Metal Bandwheels- balanced, smooth running, and blade friendly
  • Dual Limit Switches- added safety limits for the travel of the head
  • Mega Roller Guide System- turn with the blade, thus reducing friction
  • Emergency Shutdown
  • Hydraulic Flow Control Valve- easily control feed speed with the use of a lever
  • Your Choice of 1-1/2' or 2' Blade Capacity

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