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At the lower end of Grays range of cereal seedbed cultivators is the Levelling Harrow. This simple, economically priced cultivator is designed for lighter, more easily worked soils and for the ploughed land which has been broken down by winter frosts - for conditions where there is no need for heavier more complex cultivation equipment. Grays Levelling Harrow has a rigid (adjustable) front levelling bar angled rearwards to grade the soil. This is followed by a three row harrow, free to rise and fall within the main frame and follow the contours of the ground. The leading bar on this harrow assembly is adjustable, allowing the pitch of the leading tines to be altered to further match the operating conditions. Behind the harrow is a heavy-duty crumbler roller, carrying the weight of the main frame. The weight on this crumbler compresses the undersurface to leave a firm flat seedbed, and lifts and aerates the top soil to provide a fine light covering tilth.

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