Model H5 - Harvester Heads



The PONSSE H5 harvester head brings the productivity of thinning to a completely new level. Working is fast and smooth and the design pays special attention to multi-stemming, in particular. Combined with a structure that facilitates easy maintenance, H5 truly meets the new requirements set by loggers.

The PONSSE H5 harvester head is a general harvester head especially suited for efficient thinning. Its design pays special attention to smooth multi-stemming. The large opening, long front delimbing knives and the correctly placed wide top feed roller intensify thinning of single trees as well as collecting trunks during multi-stemming. The extremely fast yet economical feed and cutting guarantee high productivity under all operating conditions. Multi-stemming is performed efficiently with the PONSSE H5 harvester head without the need of optional equipment, which would only increase the weight as well as the need for maintenance. This way the crane capacity and reach, and the stability of the base machine, can be utilised fully to the most relevant function - the handling of trees. Multistemming is based on the automatic operating logic of the delimbing knives and feed rollers, which enables grabbing a new trunk with the delimbing knives while the feed rollers hold the trunks in place in the harvester head. Multi-stemming considerably speeds up harvesting without deteriorating the harvester head's ability to handle single trunks.

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