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- Model FLD500 - Flow Limiting Devices



The FLD500 Break Away Flow Limiting Device is designed with an internal flow control to substantially reduce the amount of water loss in the event of a sprinkler riser breakage. The irrigation system remains operational and balanced even in the event of multiple breaks in the system. The FLD500 can be easily removed and replaced quickly to minimize system down time, water loss and maintenance costs. The weak point engineered into the FLD500 will withstand a minimum abuse of 15 lbs. applied to the top of a 12' riser.

  • Reduces water loss to 6 GPM maximum.
  • Custom flows available
  • Easily installs at the base of any 1/2' riser

  • Body : Chemical resistant ABS Plastic
  • Flow Control : Flexible Polyvinyl chloride
  • Inlet : 1/2' MIPT
  • Outlet : 1/2' FIPT
  • Overall Height : 2.25'
  • Outside Diameter : 1.25'
  • Operating Pressure Range : 0-160 PSI
  • Burst Pressure : 350 PSI
  • Pressure loss through fitting: 1.9 PSI at 2 GPM

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