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Infratec has always been the benchmark for technological excellence and performance in the grain analysis field. With Infratec™ NOVA we’ve just raised the bar. Smaller, faster and easier to use, Infratec™ NOVA represents the ultimate in technology, accuracy and ease of use and sets new standards for grain analysis.

White Paper: Grain Testing Made 20% Faster with Dynamic Sub-sampling™

By conducing statistical analysis of the sub-samples in real time during analysis, significant gains in sampling speed can be achieved without compromising accuracy.

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30% smaller. 20% faster. 100% connected.

The Infratec NOVA is lighter than the 1241, transportable and takes up less bench space. Intelligent handling of sub-samples with Dynamic Sub-sampling™ technology reduces analysis time up to 20% without loss of accuracy. True networking and calibration support reduces cost of calibration. Global infratec community of 11.000 Infratec units worldwide avoids claims because others are working from the same data.

Grain testing shifts a gear

Fast, safe and with the latest in touch screen usability: recent additions to the FOSS grain analysis portfolio make good use of the latest advances in analytical technology, but how can the raft of new solutions improve everyday grain receival operations?

Infratec™ NOVA: taking on the demands of modern grain testing

Keeping an even productive flow takes skill and perfectly designed tools. Familiar tools that let you do your job smoothly and efficiently, no matter what the world throws at you. Tools, at the cutting edge of technology.

Reduce errors with new and improved usability features

Large adjustable NovaTouch™ screen with intuitive user interface reducing training and operator errors. New and improved sample handling, making cleaning quick and easy.

Unmatched calibration stability The huge Infratec™ database comprises over 50,000 cross checked samples, PLS and robust ANN-based calibrations building on a wide sample range from over ten years of harvests. This gives a level of accuracy and stability that enables Infratec able to analyse even the most unusual samples.
Expand capabilities with additional modules The Infratec™ 1241 is part of a modular system that includes a Flour module, a Test Weight module and a Sample Transport module to test small samples, wet samples and liquids.

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