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Silage Film equipment

  • Silage Film

    Silage Wrap is a specialist market, but atFarmer’s, we are experts in getting it just right. High tack levels and film impermeability ensure weather proof bales that produce top quality silage consistently. Suitable for use on all types of wrappers, Silograss and FARMER’SPowerstretch are ideal for round, square or mini ...

    By UPU Industries Ltd. based in Dromore, UNITED KINGDOM. from Silage Film Product line

  • Renoplan - Silage Films

    Optimal coverage: ith nominal thicknesses of 0.15 mm (6 mil) and 0.2 mm (8 mil), Renoplan silage films can be fully recommended for all types of silage. With these films, you can optimally cover both bunker silos and open silage mounds – and can look forward to excellent feed quality.

  • Wepelen - Silage Films

    The wepelen silage films from RKW are used for silage preparation. The prerequisite for the desired ensilage quality is silage films with thicknesses that are sufficient to minimize gas permeability. wepelen silage films can be used for all silage types.

  • Silage Film

    Silage is the technique based on the method of storing the forages through fermenting the green and water rich forages in airless environment with the help of lactic acid bacteria, without losing their water  and nutritional values. As well as different techniques of silos for silage, also specially produced silage films are used for

    By Ileri Plastik based in Yenisehir / IZMIR, TURKEY. from Agricultural Films Product line

  • Polydress - High-Quality Silage Films

    High silage forage quality: igh-quality silage films with a thickness of at least 0.125 mm (5 mil) ensure the required gas impermeability. Polydress silage films are available in the thicknesses 0.15 - 0.20 mm (5 mil - 8 mil) and can be recommended without reservation for all types of silage.

  • Triowall - Durable Silage Film

    With Triowall you receive a strong and durable film that protects the silage in the wall area. The film prevents air and water from entering the sides and from fermentation acids. Triowall is delivered as one reel, but can easily be separated into two halves along the perforation.

    By Trioplast Industrier AB based in Smålandsstenar, SWEDEN. from Agriculture - Bunker/Clamp Ensiling Product line

  • 3 Layer Silage Film

    3 Layer Silage film can be produced up to 12 meters with excellent mechanical    properties and designed in a way excellent resistant to tear and impact.    

    By Vural Plastik based in Sinema, TURKEY. from Agricultural Group Product line

  • Multi-Year Silage Film

    Long-life silo films are suitable for any type of silage. Whether for use as animal feed or as a substrate for biogas plants. We offer various types of long-life silo films. We have always the right choice for you. We have green and black films in our range. You can trust this quality! We offer five years of warranty on all our long-life silo ...

    By Baur Folien GmbH based in Wolfertschwenden, GERMANY.

  • Three Layer Black and White Silage Film

    Three-layer black-and-white film is used to cover silage pits and trenches and provides UV protection (white layer reflects the sunlight, black layer absorbs the sunlight); it can be used for sheltering and for covering trenches' bottom and walls. 'Planet Plastic' is the only manufacturer in Ukraine of a three-layer black-and-white silage film, ...

    By Planet Plastic LLC based in Kyiv Region, UKRAINE. from Stabilized Mulching and Silage Film Product line

  • Silage wrap film and net

    We offer our own brand of multilayer, highly effective silage wrapping film and net used for silage production. Involvement film main characteristics: - manufactured from high quality metallocenes. Extremely resistant to puncture - performs trouble free on any square or round bale wrapping machine on the market - photostable UV filters protect the ...

    By Argus S.C. based in POLAND.

  • Silage Stretch Film

    The silage stretch film is used to preserve and store the forage in a way that maintains the high nutritional value. Through silage in bales, the animals can be fed with high quality feed all year around. Trioplast offers premium films with 1500-2600 m per reel, both with and without packaging. With more meters per reel, the efficiency increases ...

    By Trioplast Industrier AB based in Smålandsstenar, SWEDEN. from Agriculture - Bale Ensiling Product line

  • AGRI - Silage Stretch Film

    We are experienced producers of the silage wrap in China. Quality is our first guarantee. Our Power Silage Wrap works easily and wraps securely to protect through the hottest summer and coldest winter for at least twelve months.

    By AGRI Products Industrial Limited based in DongE Industrial Park, CHINA.

  • Silage Polyethylene Film

    Silage films are used as most conventional conservation means. The fodder is silaged and covered with a film. In this way the best possible conservation of the fodder during winter is guaranteed. This is a very easy method as no special machinery is required to position the silage film. Silage films are available in different sizes, widths and ...

    By RKW Hyplast NV based in Hoogstraten, BELGIUM. from Agriculture Product line

  • Model WB520 - Silage Sheeting Wrap and Silage Tarps

    Width 20 ft. Length 100 ft. Gauge 5 mil. Color White/Black

    By Berry Plastics Corporation based in Evansville, INDIANA (USA). from Agricultural Film - Silage Film Product line

  • Model WB524 - Silage Sheeting Wrap and Silage Tarps

    Width 24 ft. Length100 ft. Gauge 5 mil. Color White/Black

    By Berry Plastics Corporation based in Evansville, INDIANA (USA). from Agricultural Film - Silage Film Product line

  • Trioplast - Silage Wrap

    The new generation of silage film with the power of saving costs, saving the environment and serving the customer. In order to make baling work in the field more efficiently, Trioplast has been working extensively on research and development of new products for a number of years. In 2004, Trioplast started developing a new generation of ...

    By Heartnut Grove Inc. based in Mount Brydges, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Silage Product line

  • Polydress - Model PE - Silage Sacks

    At critical points, such as the transition from free fermentation piles to the ground surface or at the edges of a bunker silo, silo sacks create both an important oxygen barrier and weighting device. Gravel or sand-filled Polydress PE silage sacks reliably meet this purpose without damaging the silo in any way. Another plus point: with the HDPE ...

  • Polydress - O2 Barrier 2IN1 Underlay Film Used for Coverage

    Greater work efficiency: With Polydress O2 BARRIER 2IN1, the underlay film used for coverage is attached to the silage film. This enables you to cover a silo in just one working step. This means that your work effort will be significantly less than with traditional silage films.

  • Stabilized Mulching Film

    Mulching film is the coverage of soil around the plants with polyethylene film. This agricultural method influences on water, air and thermal regime of the soil. In addition mulching accelerates the biological processes in the soil, ensuring better supply of plant with nutrients. Mulching film also inhibits the growth and development of weeds, ...

    By Planet Plastic LLC based in Kyiv Region, UKRAINE. from Stabilized Mulching and Silage Film Product line

  • Polydress - Protective Silage Cover

    Protective silage covers prevent damage to the silage film by animals, and are therefore a part of perfect silage coverage. The Polydress protective silage covers made of 100% HDPE offer ease of use and a long life cycle of over ten years through modern weaving technology and strict quality controls in the production process – an investment ...

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