Agricultural industry Equipment in Morocco

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    Constellation - Model MD - Bio-Choppers-Mixers

    Suitable to process green residuals coming from landscape maintenance, pruning and tree trunks included, pallets, market and cumbersome.

    By Seko Industries Srl Distributor in Rabat, MOROCCO. from Bio-Choppers-Mixers Product line

  • Facco - Floor Management Systems

    Flat chain conveyor feeding is universally recognized as the premier system for feeding broilers, laying hens and parent stock.

    By Officine Facco & C. Spa Office in Lotissement El Behira, MOROCCO. from Floor Management Systems Product line

  • FACCO - Trolley Feeding System

    Since 50 years Facco has studied and improved its feeding system in cages to prevent feed wastage and to grant an ideal feed conversion and a uniform feed distribution. Thanks to the design which integrates all the composing elements (feed trough design, feed rough support, leveling device) Facco's hopper feeding system , as confirmed by the ...

    By Officine Facco & C. Spa Office in Lotissement El Behira, MOROCCO. from Trolley Feeding System Product line

  • Facco - Model C3 - Poultry Layer Housing Systems

    Thanks to the constant improvement and innovation spirit, 'C3 Type' is definitely the most suited for the 21st century poultry production as it optimises the ratio between density and shed's volume, thus best fulfilling the present days dimensional requirements. The simple installation required and lack of structural constraints makes it ideal for ...

    By Officine Facco & C. Spa Office in Lotissement El Behira, MOROCCO. from Poultry Layer Housing Systems Product line

  • Pull Type Y Rake

    The special “Y” configuration of the Y-rake offers a clean raking over the whole working width without using central wheel. The articulated frame and independent raking wheels allow the rake to adapt to the most varied working conditions. Hydraulic opening and closing device, auto steering angle 90°. Front wheels with suspensions. ...

    By Enorossi Office in Tamellalt, MOROCCO. from Pull Type Y Rake Product line

  • HENOMIXER - Mixer Wagons

    The mixer wagons HENOMIXER find their ideal position in the medium and large farms, granting a quick and perfect integration of the different products destined to the Unifeed preparation. Round bales of forage or silage are very easily chopped thanks to the chopping-mixing equipment, consisting of strong vertical augers, equipped with special ...

    By Enorossi Office in Tamellalt, MOROCCO. from Mixer Wagons Product line

  • Vortex - Model G4V - Hay Tedder

    Robust tedder with hydraulic opening and closing rotor system, ideal for medium farms. Grease lubricated unit that allows easy maintenance of the main components. Available in 3 working width: 4.20 mt., 5.20 mt. and 5.70 mt. Crank for mechanical adjustment for all models. Standard hydraulic tilt on the G4V 570 PTH, available as an option on the ...

    By Enorossi Office in Tamellalt, MOROCCO. from Hay Tedder Product line

  • Model RB 120 - Round Baler

    Fixed chamber RB 120 round baler, specifically designed for all working conditions, both for wet silage and dry hay. Ideal for hard product. RB 120 model is provided with simple feeding system, RB 120 Rotor model has a rotor with lateral augers that help the penetration of the product in the chamber, RB 120 Rotor Cut model is provided with rotor ...

    By Enorossi Office in Tamellalt, MOROCCO. from Round Baler Product line

  • Model FOX - Double Wheel Ditchers

    The Enorossi rotary double wheel ditchers have been designed and developed for many water management purposes, such as the excavation, maintenance or cleaning of collector ditches and furrows. The soil is comminuted and removed, and can be thrown sideways at a big distance away, or be positioned just beside the edge with the special adjustable ...

    By Enorossi Office in Tamellalt, MOROCCO. from Double Wheel Ditchers Product line

  • Facco - Model KAS - Inside Poultry Manure Drying System

    The KAS system for manure drying in cages 'ECO' type has been conceived to dry the manure onto the manure belts: the air mixed between inside and outside is sent to the aeration ducts placed between or under the cage floors. The KAS machine allows to both dry the manure while contributing to the shed's internal conditions in low external ...

    By Officine Facco & C. Spa Office in Lotissement El Behira, MOROCCO. from Inside Poultry Manure Drying System Product line

  • Rock Ore

    OCP has a leading position in the global market for phosphate, including the market for rock with more than 30% of world trade. OCP operates in 3 phosphate rock deposits: Khouribga mines, Gantour (including mines in Benguerir and Youssoufia) and Boucraâ.

    By OCP S.A. based in Hay Erraha, MOROCCO.

  • Bucket Elevators

    A bucket elevator is designed for the handling and extracting of granular and powdery products over a vertical linear trajectory. Our wide range of standard elevators allows capacities up to 1600 m³/h. For applications not included in this range, our Design Offices are qualified to develop specific elevators meeting any requirements.

    By Stolz Office in CASABLANCA, MOROCCO. from Bucket Elevators Product line

  • Model BWB series - Fire Tube Boiler

    Steam production from 250 to 2,500 kg/h (175 to 1,757 kW), Fuels: basic version: natural gas, LPG, light fuel-oil, combined gas/L.F.O.

    By BABCOCK WANSON - CNIM Group Office in AIN HARROUDA, MOROCCO. from Fire Tube Boiler Product line

  • FACCO - Chain Augers System

    The chain augers are the optimum way to convey any type of feed from the silos to the house. The advantage of using chain augers is that you can place the silos in any position on the outside of the house. Moreover there is no problem having vertical pipe solutions, replacing or cutting a piece of chain and the maintenance time is very low.

    By Officine Facco & C. Spa Office in Lotissement El Behira, MOROCCO. from Chain Augers System Product line

  • Facco - Poultry Manure Drying System (MDS)

    The MDS system has been designed to dry the manure produced in poultry installations by using the ventilation system of the installations themselves, which, if necessary, is integrated with independent fans. The MDS system can be installed alongside a shed predisposed for this aim or an already existing one, placed very close to the poultry ...

    By Officine Facco & C. Spa Office in Lotissement El Behira, MOROCCO. from Poultry Manure Drying System (MDS) Product line

  • Model RT 7-9 / RT 13H-Flex - Pull Type Hay Rake

    Inline rakes with 3 ground wheels, 4 wheels on the RT13 H-Flex model. Working width can be adjusted hydraulically on the RT13 H-Flex model, with a selector on the RT 7-9. Hydraulic lift for raking wheels. Passage from raking to transport position directly from the tractor’s seat. Raking wheel Ø 140 cm., n° 40 teeth Ø 6.9 ...

    By Enorossi Office in Tamellalt, MOROCCO. from Pull Type Hay Rake Product line

  • ZEUS - Front Loader

    The sensation of having a machine that responds to your requirements, the loader that allows you to work in the most arduous conditions. The technology you were looking for that no one has ever given you, the self-confidence you have when working. The certainty of having made the right choice for your needs. The certainty of your dreams ensuring ...

    By Enorossi Office in Tamellalt, MOROCCO. from Front Loader Product line

  • Plastic Electric Valves

    Plastic electric valves (reinforced Nylon) specially suited for the turf irrigation; sizes from 3/4” to 2”; with flow control and available in 9 V lacht or 24 VAC. Compact design and ergonomic, user-friendly and easy maintenance. Fully opening and secure drip-tight closing.

    By Cepex Office in Casablanca, MOROCCO. from Plastic Electric Valves Product line

  • Facco - Model B3-B3 MAX - Multi Tier Caged Broiler

    The caged broiler has no contact with litter, which may often be damp and acidic. Moreover, as previously explained, having no contact means that the ventilation inside the batteries is better.

    By Officine Facco & C. Spa Office in Lotissement El Behira, MOROCCO. from Multi Tier Caged Broiler Product line

  • Facco - Model C4 - Layer House Systems

    With its first model introduced before the beginning of the '70s, the belt cleaning model best represents the constant improvement and innovation spirit which characterizes Facco's products.

    By Officine Facco & C. Spa Office in Lotissement El Behira, MOROCCO. from Layer House Systems Product line

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