Métavic inc.

- Model M95 - Tractor (9`6` mast) Loader


Its performance and quality make the best investment!

Made entirely in Quebec

  • Excellence by design
  • Constructed of high quality steel
  • Lightweight and robust
  • Lifting capacity
  • Durable joints
  • Made with two steel hoses strands high UV resistance
  • Standard hydraulic fittings
  • Rings of tempered steel to major joints
  • The design of the mast can load closer to the guard, therefore, allows a higher load capacity
  • Square oil inputs with guard welded on cylinder
  • Rings inserted machined and welded on each side of the plate to reach a better
  • Robust protective plate to prevent logs and struck the loader
  • Stabilizers tilting type allow for better stability on uneven terrain or inclined
  • Dial to facilitate proper adjustment of the recommended pressure

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