Misting System for Animals / Farms


THE PROBLEM: A high temperature directly affects animal growth. The stress the animals face because of heat and high humidity reduces the performance of animals, reduces the activity reinforces the occurrence of health problems and sometimes even brings death. In periods of dry climate, low humidity causes the generation of dust. An environment dry and dust carries a risk of skin and other diseases in animals.


The misting systems of COOLMERCHANT create a cool climate even at extremely high temperatures. Therefore offer an ideal environment for the growth of animals which improves efficiency. There are fantastic results in animal farms that use the CoolMerchant systems and it has to be said that especially for snail farms the benefits are just unique!

The misting systems of COOLMERCHANT, spray water into the atmosphere in the form of very small droplets that evaporate quickly. In this way the temperature drops and through a sensor devise systems maintain an ideal humidity level for the animals.


  • A fall in temperature
  • Adjust the humidity
  • Reduce levels of dust and ammonia in the atmosphere
  • Direct injection drug decontamination
  • Improving the health and performance of animals
  • Improving the working environment
  • Low operating costs

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