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Model SDS 7000 / 7200 - Dribble Bar Slurry Spreader



The SDS spreader is continuously operating in the fields, whilst the slurry is being pumped directly from the storage tank to the distributor. The average capacity is approx. 100-150 tonnes per hour or the equivalent of 5-6 hectares.Using the SDS 7000 / 7200 is also removing smell issues from the roads. With an DP/APV pump unit the slurry is pumped directly to the spreader via pipes and hoses, eliminating the need for transportation with tankers on public roads.

Extended spreading season
With an SDS 7000 your spreading season starts earlier than with a normal slurry tanker. This is thanks to an unrivalled low soil pressure of only 300-600 g/cm2, or less than the footprint of an adult person.

Lower costs on fuel, tires and manpower
Because the slurry is being pumped to the field instead of transported on the roads, fuel and tire costs are significantly lowered in comparison to conventional slurrys spreading with tankers. The entire setup is managed by just one person, as the pump unit is operated via remote control from the SDS cabin. In addition, an automatic safety device monitors the complete system, and immediately terminates operation in case of failure.

24 - 30 or 36 meter dribble bar
The SDS is equipped with two horizontally mounted distributors and ø45 mm trailing hoses. You choose between a 24, 30 or 36 meter dribble bar.

The hose drum is equipped with 650 meter of durable 4' flat-lay hose or 550 meter of 5” hose. This allow you to cover up to 40 hectares in one system set-up.

Slurry is spread both when driving forth and back. When reversing, the cabin revolves 180 degrees, providing the driver with a full view at all times.

  • 24-30-36 m drbble bar
  • 2 or 4 distributors
  • ø45 mm trailing hoses
  • 30 cm distance between hoses
  • 650 m 4' / 550 m 5' feeding hose
  • John Deere Powertech engine
  • Michelin Mega Xbib tyres

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