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The Multitek large diameter log quartering splitter known as the Log Buster will quickly and efficiently split logs up to 10' long and unlimited diameter.  This unit is equipped with a 115 hp diesel powerunit and features a 40 second full cycle time. Reduce large diamter logs down to manageable pieces for use on your firewood processor, sawmill, biomass grinder, or other instances where logs are too large for your equipment.

Production Rating: 40 seconds
Engine: 115 hp JD Diesel
Max Log Length: 10'
Max Log Diameter: Unlimited

The Log Buster features a standard 4-way wedge that can be adjusted to meet your log diameter requirements.  This heavy duty machine weighs over 15,000 lbs and features a pintle ring for transporting the splitter down the road.  With 100 tons of splitting force, this machine is capable of reducing even the largest of logs down to manageable pieces.

This large diameter splitter features a wireless operator remote control system to ensure workplace safety.  Other safety features include log centering paddles which hydraulically center the log and ensure clean safe splits.  The unit features the latest tier diesel engine for cleaner burning and maximum efficiency.  

Clean up your large diameter logs fast and efficiently with the Multitek Log Buster.  Call today for more information on how the Log Buster quartering splitter can help you better utililze your large diameter logs.

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