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Organic Vegetable Seeds


We have been working since 1992 to offer a wide range of organically produced vegetable seeds, which fully meet the organic seed requirements as recognised by all European certification bodies. At the moment we are investing a lot of effort in widening our range.

Special attention
At Rijk Zwaan we think it is worth paying special attention to organic horticulture. After all, organic growing demands specific varieties, with good resistances and sometimes other consumer preferences. That is why our breeders always take into account the specific wishes of this customer group in their selection work. We also have several demo fields and glasshouses at our disposal that are used for organic crops only. 

Reliable seed
Our high quality vegetable seed has been thoroughly tested and offers professional organic growers the latest advances in pest and disease resistance, robustness, taste and shelf life. This convinces us that our organic range will contribute to an optimal organic production and product. We accurately follow the international regulations and, when needed, adjust our breeding programmes to new regulations.

Wide range
Our range of organically produced seed consists of lettuce, tomato, cucumber, melon, endive and pepper seed. At the moment Rijk Zwaan is investing a lot of effort and money in widening this range. Rijk Zwaan also has a broad range of non-chemically-treated seed of lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, kohlrabi, melons, spinach, rootstocks, aubergines, carrots, peppers, endive, cabbage, cauliflower, leeks and celeriac. We can offer suitable varieties for many countries

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