OysterGro / Bouctouche Bay Industries Ltd.

- Compact Wire Mesh Housing


At its core, OysterGro consists of a compact wire mesh housing with two specially designed floats that provide an ideal, versatile environment for the growth, cleaning, sorting, protection and survival of oysters in a farming environment.


The OysterGro system produces a higher quality oyster with a consistent, healthy look, shape and size that is appreciated by discerning clients.

Built for strength, durability and convenience

The OysterGro system is designed to last and provide the versatility and efficiency a successful farming operation relies on.

The best way to farm

Not only is the OysterGro system effective, but it’s also highly efficient and economical, allowing farmers to produce higher-value harvests that get top dollar.

  • Maximizes & improves yield
  • Reduced mortality losses
  • Faster growth


Do more with less

A main benefit of the OysterGro system is the drastic labour savings it offers due to the “flip and sink” convenience it offers.

Proven success

Having evolved through many years of field testing, the OGS has proven itself in many areas under different commercial oyster rearing conditions where it consistently exceeded predicted labor savings, produced a top quality oyster and established the basis for a viable aquaculture business with attractive profitability.

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