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Portable Air Supercharger for Grain Transportation



A ventilator connected to an injector, intake hopper and loading pipes makes possible pneumatic loading of grain into a silo. It is the cheapest and simplest way of loading silos of a capacity from BIN20 to BIN200. The above-mentioned silos could be equipped with vertical loading pipes and special grain inlet. Due to this equipment one air blower can be used to load many silos. It should be remembered that the efficiency of the air blower depends on many factors, especially on the height to which grain is transported. Thus a decrease in loading efficiency should be taken into account in case of high silos like BIN100W or BIN200.

Basic technical data for the PPZ-7.5-WNT air supercharger
Engine power  7.5 kW
Rated voltage  3~400 V
Frequency  50 Hz
Air blower rated efficiency  6 t/h
Covered hopper capacity  0.7 m3
Covered hopper height  0.7 m
Covered hopper width  ~ 1.2 m
Covered hopper length  ~ 2.4 m
Rated distance for horizontal transport  ~ 15 m
Rated distance for vertical transport  ~ 7 m

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