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The new GM-R SPRAYERS PRO-FARMER Mounted Sprayer has arried featuring heavy duty frame and slim-line profile polyethylene tank to ensure that weight distribution is close to the tractor for exceptional stability. The new generation series 045 boom has proven contour following suspension and an anti-yaw damping system providing excellent boom stabiltiy. The series 045 boom is constructed throughout in high-tensile steel taking the design from Aircraft technology.

The boom has independent sequential hydraulic folding so either the left or right boom can be folded seperately, useful when avoiding telegraph poles and is ideally suited for working in bed formed systems.

Triple nozzles on stainless steel spray-lines are fully protected within the boom structure and tri-directional 3 metre break-away ends provide protection against accidental damage.

All hinge points have either Teflon bushes or are lubricated with grease giving a long, trouble-free life.

The GM-R Sprayer Pro-Farmer has all the latest safety features as standard.

Standard Features: 
  • 1200, 1500 or 1800 Litre Slim-line Polyethylene Tanks
  • 200 Litre Clean Water Rinse Tank Seperate from Main Chemical Tank with Hose Filling Tap
  • Rotary Tank Wash Nozzle
  • Dry Sight Gauge
  • New Generation Series 045 Boom available in 18, 20, 21, 24 or 28 Widths is extreamly light using Robust Aircraft Technology Design, incorporating different grades of High Tensile Steel. Nozzle Spacing is half a meter with Triple Nozzle Bodies
  • Hydraulic Adjustable Height 2.3m with Nitrogen Gas Accumulator for Suspension
  • Sequential Hydraulic Folding with Lock System for Stability Wand Anti-Yaw Damping System
  • The Boom is Self-Levelling with Shock Absorbers for good Suspension, Hydraulic Tilt for hillside work
  • Hypro Lurmark 280 litre/min Six Cylinder Diaphragm Pump
  • Full Electro-Hydraulic requiring constant Pump and free flow return
  • Pressure Base Prime and Purge Re-circulation is automatic and allows for pipe work to be flushed from the Clean Water Tank even if there is part chemical in the main tank
  • Self-fill Quick Coupling, and 5 meter Hose and Filter
  • All Filters are easily accessible and the Pressure Filter is continuous cleaning
  • 35 litre Chemical Inductor (Pressure Based Venturi) and Rotary Can Wash
  • Triple Teejet Anti-Drip Nozzle Bodies and Quick-Fit Caps
  • Protective Clothing Locker
  • Clean Water Container for hand washing
  • Remote Tank Drain
  • External Wash Hose and Brush
  • Road Lights
  • Genius GPS Auto Section Control

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