Tomenzoli F.lli

Model R/S 2001 F.I - Hoer/Ridger



This innovative agricultural machine R/S 2001 F.I. conceived to operate amidst rows for hoeing and ridging in vineyards, orchards and olive-groves, is the first in absolute of its kind equipped with fully hydraulic tractor-operated components. Unlike the system mechanically controlled and equipped with rubber-coated cables, this system allows very precise controls. Moreover, being the working head vertically adjustable by means of an hydraulic jack, the machine can operate on any type of soil and in presence of any slope.

Being the machine hydraulically controlled, and by using one disc only, furrows for plantation can be created, or plants of any kind can be rooted out. The machine is equipped with a very sensitive tracer, permitting the working unit to retract up to a millimetric precision, without damaging the plants, even the most young ones. With this machine, which is equipped with an hydraulic translation, also those stones close by trees and vines can be removed and shifted in the centre of rows. The use of a Hoer/Ridger R/S 2001 F.I. permits to carry out on all fruit-trees and vineyards fully ecologic treatments, without having to eliminate with chemical agents the grass growing around the trees.
The following equipments can be applied as optional:

  • Radiator for oil cooling.
  • Screw for ground cultivation.
  • Miller.

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