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Rad Equipment Manufactures Bucket Elevators, Augers and Conveyors



Skyway Grain Systems draws on a number of different manufacturers to supply components to the grain handling systems that it designs and constructs. Custom designing grain handling systems that feature the best equipment in the most efficient combinations is what sets Skyway apart from manufacturers who use only their own equipment lines in their handling systems. Frequently, parts of the grain handling systems design, originate with St. Hyacinthe based Rad Equipment.

Rad Equipment is a Quebec based manufacturer of material handling equipment. Specializing in bulk handling equipment, Rad produces bucket elevators, conveyors, and screw auger systems that can be custom made to fit agriculture, commercial and industrial uses. Rad equipment combines engineering and innovation to provide superior quality products that fit nicely into Skyway grain handling systems design.

Rad Equipment used in Skyway grain handling designs include:

  • Bucket elevators – Rad manufactures 23 versions of their bucket elevator. Capacities range from 150 bushels per hour to 15, 000 bushels per hour and fit both farm and industrial needs.
  • Utility Augers – with a heavy-duty, balanced, helical auger, Rad utility augers feature hard wearing construction in lengths from 5’ to 20’
  • Flexible Augers – feature PVC tubes with re-enforced elbows for improved strength and wear resistance. Available in both belt and direct drive, each system has an easy-access maintenance door and a safety switch that shuts the system down if there is a problem in the line.
  • U-Trough Screw Conveyors – available in capacities from 110 to 7000 bushels per hour, the U-Trough Screw Conveyors can be elevated 15° with the incline joint and feature a galvanized steel trough and cover
  • Delicate Handling Elevator – designed for materials requiring gentle handling this elevator is airtight and features a self-cleaning boot to prevent product contamination
  • U-Trough Drag Conveyor – available in sizes from 6” to 16”, this drag high-performance drag conveyor is self-cleaning and uses durable UHMW Polyethylene paddles. The numerous accessories available makes this drag conveyor adaptable to almost any agricultural requirement.
  • “En Masse” Drag Conveyors –this conveyor is notable for moving bulk amounts of material in a compact space. Made of corrosion-resistant galvanized steel the conveyor is available in capacities from 1500 to 15,000 bushels per hour.

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