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Model SBi & SBi/i - Cubicles and Unloading Feeder



The SBI 1480 unwinders can hold a round bale of 120 cm base and any diameter. The SBi/i Hybrid is equipped with catenary of unrolling with sleepers which allow the use of very chopped products and, thanks to the independent motor on the conveyor and to the “short-straw kit”, the parallelepipedal bales can be used. Twines or wires that wrap the bales are easily eliminated by the operator after loading. You can also put the fork loading. Machines are equipped with dual circuit hydraulic gear-case and are adjustable to work on both sides, with a rotation up to 270 °.

The conveyors have fixed or retractable lengths between 1.5 m and 5 m. With the “cubicle kit” and the inversion of rotation of the straw-thrower, the distribution of the product in the cubicle is ensured with a minimal amount of dust, produced only by a slight mechanical working in the absence of shredding and displacement of air masses. An hydraulic bulkhead perfects the jet, positioning it at the centre of the pillow or in the boxes with a depth of 2 to 6 m. Without using the straw-thrower you can get the unloading directly in the feeder leaving the forage (dry or half-dry) intact. A single machine can carry out three different tasks. The straw-thrower with 4 rows of springs ensure a jet of product up to 11 m of distance by the extremity of the conveyor. The “short-straw kit” allows to move a bale behind the unrolling chains in the presence of particularly loose, damaged or deformed materials or of cornstalks.

The unwinders series SBI Bicieffe for feeder can hold a bale of 120 of hay, straw or half-dry. They can be supplied with different chains depending on the used product. In the roundup version, cheaper, using a double-acting hydraulic tractor with a two levers distributor on the machine, this allows the orientation and unrolling. They can be equipped with an independent unit and a loading fork. We also produce versions worn with a lift or a telescopic or front loader attachment, so as electric and fixed versions.

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