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Sealpump’s Automated Variable Spraying Systems offer an advanced and self-contained spray control package which enables extremely accurate control over the spraying of liquids and more viscous solutions in many spray applications. Each system comes complete with precision spray nozzles selected specifically for each application, fluid delivery system and variable spray controller complete with HDMI touch screen control panel.

The system is available with pre-set spraying software allowing for easy operator use and complete automation which can be linked to your production or process machinery or software meaning that you’ll be up and running quickly and seeing the benefits.

Every enquiry and application is treated on an individual based and Sealpump’s team of sales engineers work closely with each customer to tailor a solution and system to match your needs.

Should you require a more basic control system, we offer a manual control system, while not compromising on spray performance. This system requires the operator to manually input and regulate the spray pressures etc. This does not offer the pre-set spray programs, software and complete automation of other model, but it does reduce cost significantly for applications where a more basic solution can be used.

The overall aims of our systems are to improve product quality and control, reduce costs and control wastage, while increasing profitability, and delivering a complete and integrated spraying solution.

  • Unique Pre-Set Spray Programs
  • HDMI Touch Screen Controls
  • Mounting & Trolley Options
  • All components Food Grade Standard
  • Spray Control Cabinet IP65 Rated
  • Easy to use, step by step controls

  • Improve Product Quality
  • Controlled Costs
  • Less Wasted Product
  • Increase in Profitability
  • Easy Operation & Maintenance
  • Automation of Production Line
  • Complete Integration into each production line/process
  • Cost Effective Solutions

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