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Single & Double Conveyors


The Swift Lift Interstore Conveyors offer very smooth and gentle movement of crop between elevators, grading lines and conveyors. The advanced concept offers variable throughput suitable for a wide range of products.

Three drive options

  • Three-phase Two-speed - 25/ 50m (80/ 160ft.) per min.
  • Single-phase Single-speed - 25m (80 ft.) per min.
  • Variable speed - 13 to 69m (42 to 226ft.) per min.

No spillage
No spillage and efficient crop transfer from conveyor to conveyor. Feed radius and height is fully adjustable. The top conveyor tracks on the fender of the lower conveyor, using rubber rollers. This can be locked into position at the required setting.

Screwjack wheels
All screwjack wheels have lock-slide adjustments, giving extensive delivery height adjustments. The double castor wheels are also fitted with a brake mechanism.

Easy manual alignment for castor-wheels
Screwjack castor wheels, and intermediate castor wheels, can be manually aligned to vertical, by simple hand-lever. Main road wheels can be locked for transport or castered for ease of movement.

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