- Foliar Nutrient with Micronutrients (5-0-0 With 3% S + Micros)


SoyAgro is a concentrated liquid nutrient specifically formulated for foliar applications in order to prevent and treat boron, iron, manganese, and zinc deficiencies in soybean and bean crops. SoyAgro is also a source of nitrogen and sulphur, two essential elements for crop performance and crop quality. It can be used based on soil and tissue analyses or as soon as deficiency symptoms appear. For more information on SoyAgro, consult your agricultural representative.

  • 5-0-0 With 3% S + Micronutrients

Foliar Nutrient

  • Provides essential micronutrients for photosynthesis, grain and pollen formation, membrane structure and nitrogen assimilation
  • Source of sulphur for protein and oil synthesis
  • Compatible with glyphosate when tank-mixed with Agro-Ammo
density 1.280 kg/L

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